General Tips

  1. Take flyers shopping with you. Select the lowest price among flyers when making your purchases. The lowest price can be achieved without travelling to multiple stores, saving time and transportation cost.
  2. Shop at stores that provide loyalty points. This allows you to achieve the lowest cost while maximizing your loyalty benefits.
  3. Frequent price matching stores with the best customer service and/or return policy, while still obtaining the lowest price.
  4. Practice price arbitrage at stores that offer greater than 100% price match. You actually save more by shopping at the highest priced store, as the greater the difference in prices, the larger your discount will be.
  5. If the item you want is in demand and out of stock at one store, go to a competitor that price matches and you may be able to find it in stock. You can also avoid lineups with this tip.


Tips to Increase Chance of a Successful Price Match

  1. Keep a printed copy of the store’s price match policy with you. Be prepared to refer to it. Often times, store staff will not be aware of, or will have misconceptions of, the policy.
  2. Stay calm. Refer to your printed policy. Be firm and persistent. If you are not getting anywhere, then ask to speak to a manager. If this doesn’t work then leave the store. Escalate to head office or try a different location. You might also want to return at a different time when different staff is present.