Price Matches can be performed at any checkout. It’s best to avoid the self-checkout, as human intervention from the cashier is required. Sometime a Manager will be consulted for approval of specific matches.

An update to the Ad Matching policy in April 2011 confused many people. The Ad Match policy states that the ad no longer needs to be shown. This doesn’t mean that the customer can state any price and it will be matched. What this means is that the cashier should be aware of the local prices (have access to competitor’s flyers, etc.) and be able to match the price. It’s still best to have the price match flyers with you. Also confusing is that the Price Match policy is still posted and has overlap with the new Ad Match policy.

A Christmas Price Guarantee for 2011 was announced on October 24th, 2011. If you discover a lower price at another store after you have made a purchase then you can return to Walmart for a price adjustment.

Our Ad Match Guarantee

We’re committed to providing low prices every day. On everything. So if you find a lower advertised price on an identical product, tell us and we’ll match it. Right at the register.

We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

  • Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
  • Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)
  • Competitors' ads that feature a specific item for a specified price.
  • Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad.
  • For fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)

*The following are guidelines and limitations:

  • We will match any local competitor's advertised price.
  • We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor's ad.
  • Items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)

We DO NOT match the price in the following types of competitor ads:

  • Items that require a separate purchase to get the ad price
  • example: "Buy [item A] to get [item B] for $C"
  • Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get free product
  • example: "Buy both [items A & B] to get [item C] for free"
  • Items that require a purchase to get a competitors' gift card
  • example: "Buy [item A] to get a $B gift card
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) ads with no actual price given
  • Going out of business or closeout prices
  • Percentage off
  • example: "All mascara, 40% off"
  • Competitors' private label price promotions

We do not honor:

  • Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined.
  • Internet pricing
  • Misprinted ad prices of other retailers
  • "Going out of business" sales or "close out" prices

Christmas Price Guarantee

It’s a Christmas nightmare for shoppers: They buy a present or something nice for their family and three weeks later find it on sale somewhere else. Bah, humbug!

This year, Walmart turns that nightmare into a holiday dream with the Christmas Price Guarantee. Here’s how it works: If a customer buys an eligible product at Walmart anytime between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25, and then finds that same product advertised for less at another store, Walmart will give the customer a gift card for the difference through Dec. 25. Guaranteed.

The greatest gift we can give our customers this holiday is great low prices on the things they want most,” explained Duncan Mac Naughton, chief merchandising officer, Walmart U.S. “Walmart is easing shopping stress this Christmas by allowing customers to shop when and how they want, all while guaranteeing low prices through the entire holiday season.”

Walmart’s Christmas Price Guarantee is valid on purchases made Nov. 1 through Dec. 25 on identical items (the same brand, size, color, quantity, grade and model number) that are currently available at competitor’s stores located within the same local market as a particular Walmart storei. To apply for the Christmas Price Guarantee, customers need to simply bring in their original Walmart cash register receipt and the local competitor’s current printed ad to Walmart’s Customer Service desk through Dec. 25. Once validated, a gift card for the difference will be issued. Items placed on layaway will also be eligible for the Christmas Price Guarantee.

“We’re confident Walmart will have fantastic prices on a wide assortment of gifts from electronics to toys, so customers can shop early and spend the holiday enjoying time with their families,” continued Mac Naughton.

Walmart’s Christmas Price Guarantee, combined with our additional holiday offerings, is aimed at helping our customers beat the holiday’s economic Grinch and ensure no Christmas is stolen:

•Holiday Credit Offer: Shoppers can receive no interest if paid in full within six months on every purchase, every day in November and December 2011, in store or on with your Walmart® Credit Card.ii With no minimum dollar amount required, customers can buy the gifts they want from any department on any product in the store or at

•Fast, Faster, Fastest; Ship the Way You Want for Free: Customers can now ship the way they want for free. Nearly 95% of products – including hundreds of thousands of electronics, home furnishings, apparel, beauty products, diapers, sporting goods and more – are now eligible for free shipping via Site to Store, Pick Up Today, FedEx Site to Store and Home Free shipping programs. With Home Free, customers can ship any apparel and consumables order over $45 for free direct to their home. More information is available at

•Bite-size Paymentsiii: Walmart’s Christmas Layaway program enables customers to make payments on purchases in varying amounts when they want through Dec. 16. Toys and electronic gifts with a retail price of $15 or more are eligible, including dozens of toys on Rollback to $15, such as Leapfrog Scribble and Write, Disney Princess Toddler Dolls, Transformers 3 Mechtech and select Lego playsets. Other great gifts included in the Christmas layaway program are bicycles, HDTVs and video games. For more information, shoppers can visit

•Save Money on Gasiv: The Gas Rollback program has been extended through Dec. 24, and is available at participating Murphy stations at more than 1,000 Supercenters and 10 Walmart stations. This program gives customers a $0.10 discount on each gallon of gas or diesel fuel purchased at participating Murphy USA or Walmart stations.

Walmart will also help guarantee Christmas for local nonprofits and the families they serve. With help from the Walmart Foundation, Walmart stores across the U.S. will donate more than $10 million to community organizations this holiday season. ” –

Quick Facts



Price Protection Time Limit

 Not specified, but return policy is 90/30/15 days


 Flyer, printout, etc.

Difficulty Level


Successful Outcome Probability



  • Match any local competitor's advertised price
  • Customers not required to have ad with them
  • Items must be identical (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)


  • Other Walmart stores (e.g. different location’s clearance)
  • Not online price matching to bricks and mortar (or reverse)
  • Items that require a separate purchase to get the ad price
  • Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get free product
  • Items that require a purchase to get a competitors' gift card
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) ads with no actual price given
  • Going out of business or closeout prices
  • Percentage off (e.g. "All tires 25% off")
  • Competitors' private label price promotions

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